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Avv. Gaetano Zarcone

avv-gaetano-zarconeThe Firm’s founder, Avv. Gaetano Zarcone, received his law degree in 1977. In May 1977, he was enrolled in the Register of Practicing Attorneys and practiced as an Attorney. In May 1979, Mr Zarcone was entered into the Register of Prosecutors, achieving qualifications to practice law on 16 July 1985. 

Over his extensive career, Mr Zarcone has served as a lawyer for various government administrations and state-owned companies such as ANAS and SIREMAR.
He has also held senior consultancy positions with the Ministry of Finance, and was the personal Advisor to the Secretary of the Merchant Navy from 1983 to 1986.

Avv.’ is a legal prefix for Italian Lawyers

Office in Palermo

Studio Legale Zarcone
Via Di Stefano, 19 - 90141 Palermo
Tel 091 6124396 - Cell 339.7236695 - P.I. 05814900824

Office in Marsala

Studio Legale Zarcone
Via Mazzini 124, 91025 Marsala (TP)
Tel 091 6124396 - Cell 339.7236695 - P.I. 05814900824